Dystopian Sequence

by Envisionist

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released August 16, 2012

Recorded at Joe's Studio with Jared Dines

Album art by Ben Hoagland of BH Design

Released by RGW Media




Envisionist Bonney Lake, Washington

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Track Name: Remove And Contain
Single file containment of every man woman and child
Forcing the memories from their thoughts
Blank expressions form this broken place
No answers are given
To why this race has ended
Only certainty provided in how the future will be mended
Take their side
Or see the world through our eyes
arrogance is granted
Reigning supreme
Survival is key

As we break their bones
And remove their veins
Synthetic soldiers lead us
Let us reclaim
Fueling factories with the dead
Track Name: Custody
Civilizations will fail based upon
Hopeful progression
With a relative existence
Leaving no hope for the future
Exposed projections of further advents
Has left scars on unwilling minds
Casualties of sacrifice
Taken for the greater good
We are envisions of the greater good
Preparing for what is to come
Vision is not necessary
New eyes will be given out
To all the silent stripped of their mouths

We have gained control of them all
Chains and shackles Binding their heartless spirits
Bound to the lives they have taken for granted
We will create a new man kind
Immortal beings
Built on the face of technology
Sought after by the wisest of men
The secrets of salvation
Forging men from the fires of their homes
Lost in the depths of human weakness
Phase one testing begins
It begins
Track Name: Sentry
The age of progression is far behind us
We can not replace them
Molded In silence bears the sound of failure
The damage is done
We will not survive

Claiming our mistakes
Carrying dead answers across the universe
Malevolent Beings of machine
Once Flesh and blood
Batter the gates to answers we deny

Binary programs of hostile behavior have commenced
Creations of alloy leading total chaos
Mission success

A new world order of perfect design
Our destinies are not written
Our stories are untold
Free will cannot be taken
For We are dystopian
We are the masters
Living proof of perfection
Track Name: Dystopian Sequence I: Simulations
Simulations existing to strip them of innocence
Reprogramming the children of prophecy
Fully functioning,we are pleased
Machines become obsolete
Nothing but rust and metal
Buried beneath the surface
What have we done

Buried beneath

Buried beneath the surface lay cities of imperfection
Abosolution begins with century celebration
Materialistic possessions birth a hierarchy
Where will you be, what will you see

Brought forth is this messiah of perfect creation
Who has birthed life from machine
Birthed life from machine

With wires bound to flesh
Lifeforms of steel
The alpha species has arrived
Error, error, malfunction
Chemical injections eroding intelligence
Shutdown initiated
Track Name: Dystopian Sequence II: De-Evolution
This is where we end
This is the end
We are all incomplete

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